At Synergetics Health & Wellness, we have recently acquired a wonderful health-support device that is considered a SWBV, or Sonic Whole Body Vibration platform.

What is WBV?

WBV is a platform that vibrates while the user stands, sits, etc., on it. Exercises can be performed while on the platform, which will have a different effect on the body compared to performing these exercises while on solid ground.

The biological reaction to vibration is dependent on the frequency, magnitude, duration and type of vibration — or how often, how much and how long the vibratory stimulus is.

There is an involuntary muscular response to vibration; the muscle contracts and relaxes at the same rate as the Hz set on the WBV unit. Specific WBV frequencies make muscles contract more often and to a greater degree. For example, if the unit is set to 30Hz for 30 seconds, the muscle will contract and relax 900 times.

What is SWBV (Sonic whole body vibration)?

SONIX PROFESSIONAL VC15Sonic Whole-Body Vibration (SWBV) employs a speaker system with new magnetic circuits, rather than vibration spin motors. SWBV works to overcome all negative aspects of vibration motors.

Vibration spin motors have excessive noise, an unnatural directions of vibration, harsh direction changes, and can create a stress response in the body. SWBV which is in a natural vertical plane of motion, has fully adjustable intensity, and is a true sine wave directional change.

All of which results in a much more enjoyable and healthy vibrational exercise experience. Mechanical WBV simply cannot function at the level that SWBV does.

Many types of intermediate sports, like walking, power walking, horse riding, etc. are all performed at low frequencies, between 1 ~ 8 Hz. It is now possible with SWBV to exercise at these ultra low frequencies.

The movements are only vertical, which is the direction we experience through most of our physical activities.

My purpose in accessing this wonderful beneficial machine is to improve my clients’ health outcome by stimulating of the healing mechanisms of the body. We are primarily experiencing benefits to the lymphatic and glymphatic systems of the body. The lymphatic system is a system of small vessels, running parallel to the circulatory system, but much smaller vessels, and is part of the triad of primary detoxification pathways of the body.

Many of us are relatively familiar with the lymphatic system; it performs a number of roles, one of which is clearing metabolic waste from the gaps between cells, referred to as the interstitial space. It also helps remove toxic blood proteins from the circulatory system. The other two aspects of systemic detoxification involve the liver and kidneys.

Without the body being able, due to various causes and reasons, to detoxify, healing of the body becomes problematic. All organs and tissues benefit from this very specific sonic vibratory device.

The Glymphatic system is also vascular, and supports the lymphatic system as well as serving additional functions. However, the central nervous system (CNS), which comprises the brain and spinal cord, does not have any true lymphatic vessels. Because the CNS is highly active, metabolic waste can build up quickly.

The CNS is also very sensitive to fluctuations in its environment, so the body needs to remove cellular garbage somehow, and that’s where the glymphatic system comes in. Before the discovery of this
brain-based garbage disposal system, scientists believed that each individual cell handled its own metabolic waste. 

Only specific behaviors stimulate the functions of the Lymphatic and Glymphatic systems. For the most part, they rely exclusively on the action of the circulatory system, but that is really inadequate for a number of reasons. The lymphatic and glymphatic systems do not have their own pump as does the circulatory system, and therefore to truly have highly functional processes, we must add additional targeted movement/activity to increase their ability to clean waste from the body.

The TurboSonic Health Device is one way to experience a super-charged lymphatic/glymphatic system. It is completely passive, and requires only that you take off your shoes (so the shoes do not absorb any of the vibrations) and stand at your best posture. 

There are various programs that can be employed or specific frequencies and intensities can be chosen to target specific muscles or tissues/organs/health challenges.

A half hour is considered a full session, however when beginning to utilize these frequencies, it is recommended that you begin slowly and work your way up to a half hour several times per week. We are taking appointments for clients and their families, or those who wish to become clients to access time on this device. There is no charge for the initial 10 minute appointment, however anything beyond that is considered a full session. 

The pre-programmed ‘programs’ operate in 10 minute modules. The cost for 2-3 10 min modules is $35.00. You are very welcome to call for a time to come in for your initial experience with Turbo Sonix and experience it for yourself!

Please call Dr Michelle Johnson at: 702-240-3533; or text 702-375-0643.