At Synergetics Health & Wellness, we recognize the uniqueness and individuality of every client. We are committed to promoting the physical, psychological, social and emotional wellness of our clients. We offer holistic, stress-reducing, relaxation-promoting treatments and services that relieve the worry, frustration and confusion associated with disease on all levels.

Use of Holistic Approaches to Medicine

There comes a time when we all need medical help. Whether we’ve injured ourselves, we are coming down with an illness or even if it’s a more serious condition, there is no way we can avoid seeing a doctor in our lifetime. Medication is widely used as a cure for just about every illness. What people don’t understand about prescriptions is that they often have side effects more serious than what you’re experiencing.

The use of holistic approaches to medicine is becoming very popular and there is currently a lot of buzz surrounding this natural way of curing ailments. Here at Synergetics Health & Wellness, a premier Nevada and Utah naturopathic doctor. Our goal is to use naturopathic medicine to reduce and even cure particular health problems. We do use remedies, but they are all 100% natural with no severe or long-term side effects.

Our Las Vegas holistic medicine approach will give you a better sense of well-being and you’ll feel more like yourself. Doctors who practice natural medicine also work hard to get to know their patients. This allows the doctor to match their specific symptoms with a treatment plan that is specifically catered to curing or minimizing whatever the patient is suffering from.

Thank you for visiting the website of Synergetics Health & Wellness. If you are looking for Las Vegas alternative medicine, you’ve come to the right place. We have a natural and holistic approach to medicine. With no adverse side effects, our Las Vegas naturopathic doctor will help you to get back to a healthier you in no time. Please feel free to browse through our website for additional information on our Las Vegas holistic medicine.

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Health and Wellness Practices

At Synergetics, we function as a primary health facility (addressing all types of health imbalances), as well as a complimentary facility (working in cooperation with various other holistically-minded health practitioners such as chiropractors, massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, etc.).

As a holistic health practitioner, Dr. Michelle has a special love for children, so much of her practice includes therapies for childhood problems, such as ADD – type issues, vaccination reactions, childhood asthma – type challenges, skin disorders, food allergies, and digestive problems. Addressing children’s issues is different in many respects from thatt of adult health problems and often very challenging. Children respond very quickly to correcting underlying emotional imbalances, and this speeds their return to health in amazing ways.

Our clientele spans all ages. Many clients present with potential hormone imbalances, digestive health problems, blood sugar management problems, weight problems, cardiovascular challenges, targeted nutritional needs, metabolic imbalances, among many other physical concerns. Other aspects of our focus include mental/emotional health concerns including eating disorders, depression – anxiety – like challenges, anger and worry solutions, stress management therapy, and diffusion of emotional roadblocks. Our primary goal is to identify and address underlying imbalances and energetic disturbances that are creating symptoms, instead of treating the symptoms as though they are the problems.

Services Offered

The services offered at Synergetics Health & Wellness fall into two main categories, and we are continually adding more services to assist you:

  1. In office consultation (initial consult or follow-up)
  2. Online consultation (including via email, and via skype)
  3. Phone consultation

In-office consultations take place in Las Vegas, Nevada and may include some or all of the following services:

  • Review of client registration forms (initial consult)
  • Charting and reviewing history
  • Applied kinesiology to help identify and prioritize underlying factors in current or recurrent symptoms, and to diffuse energy blockages
  • Sclerology exam utilizing information gained by examination of the specific types and locations of lines in the whites of the eyes
  • Energy assessment and emotional clearing
  • Healy Microcurrent in-person and remote sessions  >> Learn More…
  • Reiki session
  • Establishing nutritional needs, and recommendations for dietary lifestyle and supplement requirements (whole food nutrients, herbal therapy, and other more specific approaches)
  • Live Blood Analysis >> Learn More…

Follow-up exams will review previous consultation information, update current information regarding improvements or lack thereof since last visit, review the nutrient support program and make changes if needed, and provide additional emotional support and clearing to benefit healing on all levels.

Online consultations are available through the website. Dr. Johnson is a reviewing practitioner for this amazing website, which is available throughout the world. We provide follow-up consultations via phone and/or e-mail at client request.

Other online connections for consultation can be done via Skype at dr.michellejohnson,nd

Initial evaluations/consultations can be obtained via direct email/phone as well. Please email or call 702-240-3533.