Live blood analysis, or Naturopathic Microscopy, is a revolutionary method that gives your health practitioner an edge in identifying the root causes of dis-ease and discomfort.  No other tool provides such a powerful visual demonstration of the effects of environmental or systemic toxins unhealthy diet & lifestyle choices, worry and stress, internal imbalances or infections.

Some things visible in Live Blood: Allergies and other Immune responses Compromised digestive processes:
– Protein, fat, sugar absorption or malabsorption Vitamin deficiencies Chemical toxicity Systemic acidity and pH imbalance Crystalline structures
– Uric, sialic, cholesterol and others Presence of parasites, fungus, mold and yeast fermentation Specific internal organs or regions experiencing stress -Liver & bowel -Skin & connective tissues
– Reproductive -Psychological & Adrenal stress
– Lymphatic & Circulatory indicators These are the real reasons you feel fatigued, experience pain, stiffness, and are what leads to degeneration and serious illness.

Your health priorities will be visible just by looking at tiny drops of blood under a video microscope. Your analyst will show you, in real time, the condition of your blood and explain how it relates to your symptoms. A wellness plan will be tailored specifically for you, and changes in the blood will be reviewed every six to eight weeks.

Once clients see tangible evidence that treatments are working, they become fascinated with seeing their blood samples and motivated to stay on the path toward better living. Imagine, accurate, non-invasive, pain free, stress free healing alternatives, literally at your fingertips!

For live blood analysis in Northern Nevada contact: or call 480-LVBLOOD (480-583-5663).

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