Sclerology is the art and science of observing the markings of the sclera or the white of the eye. Whereas iridology is about 80% constitutional and has inherent potential, the sclera will reveal actual signs of compromised health and show its origin, progression, current status, and healing. It will indicate the health history, and even show health challenges before they have manifested symptomatically or are clinically diagnosable.

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Although I do not often do FULL sclera readings, I very often utilize the lines in the whites of the eyes to confirm or add to information being gathered directly via reflex points on the client’s body during an in-office appointment. Some things that can be identified/confirmed in the Sclera (white of the eyes):

  • particular organs which may be imbalanced
  • injury and physical trauma
  • infections such as parasites
  • disorders in the cardiovascular system, liver, and other organs
  • pinpoint where disease may have spread through different organs
  • emotional sensitivity
  • lymphatic system and immune system response
  • if any of our body systems are being compromised
  • congestion and stress in the body
  • metabolic disease

sclerology practitioner las vegas


We often utilize Sclerology in the course of our hands-on consultation/evaluation to help clarify what the body is telling us. However, it is not a full Sclerology analysis. If you wish to experience the full Sclerology exam vs our hands-on consultation, please let me know when we speak to set up the appointment.