Dr. Michelle Johnson is a holistic medicine practitioner in Las VegasHealth is ultimately the responsibility of each individual, and Michelle Johnson’s purpose in her health ministry is to open doors and provide information to support every individual’s stewardship over their health. The combination of natural health techniques and a skilled holistic practitioner with a wealth of techniques and experience are what are employed to help you reach optimal health on all levels of being… mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Qualifications, Experience and Affiliations

Michelle Johnson is a Natural Health Practitioner, (certified) living and sharing what she believes is her mission and ministry in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a graduate of Clayton School for Natural Healing in Birmingham, Alabama. She is also a life-time student of herbology, trained by her grandfather (who was also a natural health practitioner) and aunt (a master herbalist) from her early years. She has studied Homeopathy from the British Institute for Homeopathy, and is a founding member of the Las Vegas Homeopathic Study Group. Michelle Johnson believes very strongly in the original meaning of the word ‘practitioner’ (expert, learned teacher) and does her utmost to convey her learning and be the teacher she loves to be when people seek her expert support and training.

Michelle is also a certified applied kiniesiologist, with credentials from Touch for Health Foundation (America & Australia), Advanced Kiniesiology Center of Australia, and Three In One Concepts. She is also certified to work with a kiniesiology-based program called Contact Reflex Analysis which helps identify all realms of health imbalances on a priority basis. She is a diagnostician in Thought Field Therapy, which releases emotional stress, fear, phobias, pain, identifies personal toxins and balances energy. Other certifications include Reiki, Brain Gym, Body Code, Emotion Code, and Stress Management concepts.

Michelle Johnson’s professional bio

Michelle. Johnson has chronicled the personal story of how she chose to incorporate each of these modalities into her life and healing ministry and how they have helped those who have experienced her support. Read more…


Michelle Johnson is a mother of 7, the last 2 being born at home. She is now also proudly the ‘nanna’ of 10 incredible beings. She has used her knowledge of natural healing techniques and nutrition to help maintain her childrens’ and grandchilrens’ health without the use of standard medical practices and procedures. Her education has helped her as a wife, mother and grandmother to reduce stress, teach correct eating habits, expect wellness instead of illness, understand emotions and how they contribute to health or dis-ease (including anger, anxiety, worry, fear, etc.) and how to release tension, reduce pain and promote relaxation. She is still her family’s best counselor and healer.