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The Holistic Healing Power of Essential Oils

Have you noticed that essential oils seem to be all over the place?  If you look up any sort of health question online, somehow essential oils always seem to end up in the conversation.

Ever wonder what these oils are and what makes them so essential? Well that’s what today’s topic is all about. 

Back in the day, long before there was a CVS or Walgreens on every corner, plants were looked at as more than just food. In the absence of modern convenience, our ancestors became the first biohackers, purely out of necessity.

They used what was available in nature for spiritual rituals, healing, and maintaining the freshness of their homes. 

Well it seems we’ve come full circle and are rediscovering the health promoting power of these natural elements.

So let’s dig into essential oils.  We’re going to look at these very powerful elements from nature, their transformative power on your overall health and how they can significantly change your health-related behaviors, boost your emotions, and even lift your spirits.

What Are Essential Oils?

So, let’s start with the obvious first question.  What are “essential oils,” and what’s so essential about them?

The first thing we need to get straight is the term “essential” in essential oils.  What it sounds like and what it actually means are not quite the same.

“Essential” in this case doesn’t mean you need these oils to keep on living.  There’s not like vitamins and minerals which have a FDA regulated daily allowance. In this case “essential” comes from the word “essence.”  We’re talking about the concentrated compounds or the distinctive fragrances that give these oils their distinctive scent.   It’s these compounds that contribute to the plant’s fragrance and their potential therapeutic properties. 

essential oils - A bouquet of lavender close up lies on the keyboard of piano covered with spiderweb. Romantic spring backgroud

Where Do Essential Oils Come From?

These oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and fruit peels. You could think of them as the soul of a plant in a capsule.  

The process of extracting these oils is interesting. It’s not simply a case of grab, cut and squeeze. Different plants require different methods to avoid damaging their beneficial goodness. 

Steam distillation is the most common method. Steam is passed through the plants which causes the essential oil to evaporate. Then the steam and oil vapors are cooled and condensed back into a liquid and the essential oils are separated from the water.

Other methods include cold pressing which is primarily used with citrus fruits; solvent extraction, which is similar to steam distillation except using solvent and CO2 extraction which uses CO2 under pressure to extract oils from more delicate plants.

The Science Behind Essential Oils

Now that we know where we get essential oils, let’s geek out on the science behind them. 

Essential oils are nature’s complex elixirs. Each oil has its own unique chemical makeup. And just as the body reacts in a certain way to plants like with poison ivy and aloe vera, these oils interact with your body in specific ways. 

The holistic mind-body connection with essential oils is in how their fragrances directly stimulate the limbic system of your brain.  This is the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotions.

Ever wonder why a whiff of something can instantly change your mood or pull up a memory and take you back in time? That’s the essential oils tapping into your brain’s wiring, influencing your emotional and physical well-being.

But it’s not just about smelling good. When you rub these oils into your skin, they really get down to business, delivering benefits directly where we need them.

Thanks to their molecular makeup, essential oils can soothe aches, combat pesky germs, and support your body’s healing processes. 

It’s this blend of natural chemistry and our biological architecture that makes essential oils a key player in the holistic health game.

Holistic Healing Practices with Essential Oils

Using essential oils with different holistic healing techniques is like opening a treasure trove of all-natural cures. Each oil has its own vibe and potency to improve health. 

Let’s break down some of the ways in which these superfoods made entirely of plants can improve your health while maintaining safety.

Aromatherapy: More Than Just a Pretty Scent

essential oils - Spa treatment, aromatherapy background. Details and accessories

Aromatherapy is the MVP when it comes to using essential oils for emotional and mental uplift. It’s not just about turning your living space into a fancy spa (although, that is a nice side benefit). It’s about tapping into the essential oils’ ability to tweak our mood and overall sense of zen.

Imagine diffusing a bit of lavender before hitting the pillow. It does more than set up a cozy bedroom vibe, it invites a deeper, more restful sleep.

Need a little boost? Try zesty citrus oils to perk you up.  Make those dreary Monday mornings a tad more bearable. It’s like having a mood switch at your fingertips, ready to dial up the bliss or calm as needed.

Massage Therapy: The Dynamic Duo

Mixing essential oils with massage therapy is a combo seriously worth talking about.

When the soothing hands of a good massage therapist blend with the magic of oils like eucalyptus or peppermint a massage becomes more of a ticket to muscle heaven, easing tension and breathing new life into every fiber of your being. 

This synergy doesn’t just feel amazing; it’s like a wellness power-up for your body, making it a go-to for anyone looking to add a touch of healing to their self-care routine.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Scent Your Way to Zen

Meditation and mindfulness are key techniques in holistic health and its focus on the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. Meditation addresses your mental, emotional, and physical well-being simultaneously. Bringing essential oils into your meditation and mindfulness practices can be a game-changer. 

Oils like frankincense and sandalwood smell divine.  However, they also act like a mental broom, sweeping away clutter and helping you find your focus.

It’s a sensory boost to your meditation, deepening your practice and possibly making those moments of zen a bit easier to come by. It is like an aromatherapy for the soul, a fragrant nudge towards inner peace and clarity.

Stress Reduction: Your Aromatic Shield

Essential oils become fragrant friends in our fight against stress. Creating a calm environment with relaxing oils like lavender or chamomile is like pressing the stress pause button; it turns your place into a peaceful sanctuary.

It’s a straightforward, natural approach to dialing down the chaos, offering a breather in your all-too-busy life. A few drops can go a long way in turning your home into a stress-free sanctuary.

Safety Considerations and Best Practices

Now, while essential oils are fantastic, they’re also powerful, and with great power comes the need for responsible use. Here are a few golden rules to keep in mind:

  • Dilution Is Key: Always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil before applying them to your skin. It’s like making sure your tea isn’t too hot; it preserves the benefits while preventing discomfort.
  • Patch Test: Before going all in, do a patch test with diluted oil on a small skin area to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction. It’s the skincare equivalent of dipping your toes in the water before diving in.
  • Quality Matters: Invest in high-quality, pure (organic whenever possible) essential oils. It’s like choosing a good wine; the quality can make all the difference in your experience.
  • Educate Yourself: Each oil has its own profile of benefits and precautions. Getting to know them is like making new friends; understanding their personalities can lead to a harmonious relationship.
  • Consult a Professional: When in doubt, especially regarding health conditions or pregnancy, consult with a healthcare professional. It’s always better to play it safe and get expert advice tailored to your needs.

Incorporating Essential Oils into Daily Life

Morning Boost with a Diffuser

essential-oils-diffuserKickstart Your Day: Begin each morning with an environment that energizes and uplifts you. Using a diffuser with essential oils can help invigorate your senses and set a positive tone for the day ahead.

  • Step 1: Fill your diffuser with water up to the recommended line (best to use distilled to prevent build up of minerals).
  • Step 2: Add 2-3 drops of an invigorating essential oil like lemon or peppermint.
  • Step 3: Turn on your diffuser as you start your morning routine to enjoy an energizing atmosphere.

DIY Skincare Blends

Personalize Your Skincare: Tailor your skincare routine with essential oils for added benefits. Whether you’re seeking moisture, clarity, or soothing effects, essential oils can enhance your skincare regimen.

  • Step 1: Choose your base carrier oil (jojoba, coconut, or almond oil) depending on your skin type.
  • Step 2: Add 1 drop of your chosen essential oil (tea tree for blemish-prone skin, lavender for soothing) to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil.
  • Step 3: Mix well and apply to your face or body, avoiding sensitive areas like the eyes.

Luxurious Bath Experience

If you’re a shower only person, you may want to reconsider.  The right blend of essential oils can turn a simple soak into a luxurious, stress-relieving experience.

  • Step 1: Fill your bathtub with warm water.
  • Step 2: Mix 5-6 drops of a relaxing essential oil like lavender with carrier oil or Epsom salts to ensure even dispersion.
  • Step 3: Add the mixture to your bath, stir with your hand, and soak for a blissful escape.

If you are a shower person, you can add a few drops of essential oil to an after shower oil like almond or coconut. Then you can spread over the body to help hold in moisture and to achieve the desired effect from the oils you choose. You can always use more than one with the same basic purpose for your choice of oils. Use while the body is still wet, then towel off.

Homemade Natural Cleaners

Green Cleaning Solutions: Create your own natural cleaning products with essential oils. Not only are they effective at cleaning, but they also leave your home smelling fresh and free from harsh chemicals.

  • Step 1: Fill a spray bottle with water, leaving a little room at the top.
  • Step 2: Add 10-15 drops of a cleansing essential oil like lemon or tea tree.
  • Step 3: Add a splash of white vinegar for extra cleaning power. Shake well before each use.

Not only are regular cleaning products potentially harmful to your exposure to them on surfaces, but the plug-ins, Febreezes, ‘smell-good’ laundry additives, and candles can create serious endocrine (hormone) disruptions. We have seen this effect in our daily appointments. Avoid AT ALL COSTS!

Personal Scented Spaces

Customize Your Surroundings: Personalizing the scent of your living or working spaces can enhance your mood and productivity. Essential oils can help create an atmosphere that reflects your personal style and preferences.

  • Step 1: Choose a small, open container or a piece of cloth/handkerchief.
  • Step 2: Add 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend.
  • Step 3: Place in your desired area, like a work desk, car, or inside a drawer, to enjoy personalized scents.

By introducing these simple practices into your daily routine, you can leverage the holistic benefits of essential oils, making every day a little more enriched and enjoyable. Whether you’re seeking to boost your mood, care for your skin, or clean your home in a more natural way, essential oils offer versatile solutions to enhance your quality of life.


As we close the book on our essential oils journey, it’s clear we’ve stumbled upon something pretty extraordinary. These oils go way beyond just smelling nice; they’re like secret keys to unlocking a more balanced, healthier version of yourself. Imagine having a little bottle filled with the essence of calm or a burst of energy, ready to support us through thick and thin. It’s a bit like carrying around a personal wellness toolkit, one that’s been passed down through generations but is just as relevant in today’s hustle and bustle.

This isn’t goodbye; it’s just the start of something personal and exciting. The world of essential oils is vast and varied, with each one bringing its own special blend of magic to the table. Maybe you’ll find solace in the gentle embrace of lavender or get a kick out of peppermint’s invigorating rush. It’s all about diving in, getting your hands a little oily, and seeing where these scents take you.

So, go ahead, experiment, mix, and match, and let these natural wonders weave their way into the fabric of your daily life. Here’s to setting off on a fragrant journey that not only promises to lift your spirits and soothe your soul but also reconnects you with the healing power of nature, one drop at a time.