My path began to take on its own momentum at this point. I was eager to learn more about the hands-on approach of muscle testing, to help other children who were also having challenges. I began to understand the connection between certain foods, cravings, and allergies/intolerances. I also discovered that the body has a very high wisdom, and is its own best authority about solutions that are in its best and highest good. This wisdom can be tapped into by a practitioner who is well-trained in applied kinesiology and can address these issues without any hidden agenda. This is important because body energy can easily be influenced by someone wishing to prove their point through manipulation of the muscle test.

My searching took me into “Touch for Health,” a system created by John Thie, DC, which has identified and created tools for improving health by addressing muscular and *meridian energy imbalances, which often manifest in pain, stiffness, and cramping. This approach also utilized applied kinesiology. At this point in my education, I had become familiar with the “hard touch” form of muscle testing, where the testee applies quite heavy pressure to the testor, with certain muscles being stabilized in different positions to determine if those muscles had “integrity” or whether they were “switched off.” If they were switched off, there would be a change in the strength of the muscle, whereas if they had integrity, they would remain strong. Then some correlated points on the body were rubbed and/or held for a period of time to re-infuse energy into the weakened muscle. A retest is then done to determine that the correction has taken place.

I found this fascinating and very helpful, and of course began to use my family and friends as guinea pigs to improve my skill and convert the information about the muscles and their related points to memory as much as possible. Eventually, I completed all three levels of Touch for Health Training, and continued with additional affiliated training through the Touch for Health Foundation in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

By this time, I was in such a learning curve with the kinesiology, that I had branched out beyond friends and family, and had begun taking clients for the purposes of “balancing body energy” through the tools I had gathered. As I worked with people, I found that seeming miracles were occurring. Chronic pain was going away, vertigo and dizziness were being eliminated, energy was returning to the chronically fatigued, and a whole host of other amazing health benefits were being experienced.

I completed a workshop sponsored by the Advanced Kinesiology Centre of Australia, where I learned about hereditary contributions to physical, emotional and mental health problems. I began implementing these tools as soon as I was comfortable with them, and was able to successfully identify and “diffuse” contributions to clients’ health patterns originating in their ancestors. These tools and our experiences with them were powerful and extremely eye-opening for my clients and me. It also enabled me to mingle my knowledge of “miasms” (diseases of ancestors which leave a shadow on future generations’ DNA) and certain homeopathic remedies (which work to separate the present generation from the past by “switching” off the hereditary influence inside the cells) with new information that is accessible through muscle testing. This became a much more powerful tool when the two were used together.