It was not long before my thirst for knowledge led me to a program called Three-in-One Concepts. This amazing opportunity combined the best of Touch for Health, providing energy balance to physical health concerns, and added an essential element: emotional balance. Not only could we deal with body pain and physical issues, but now we could identify and address the emotional aspects of those problems. Often the emotions actually underlie the physical issues, and sometimes create them. Emotions are energetic in nature, and when expressed frequently enough, become beliefs. These beliefs alter chemistry throughout the body, which then affects “physical” symptoms and overall health. By addressing and “diffusing” the emotions that are associated with the manifesting physical problem, the corrections I could do for the physical issues would last much longer and go much deeper.

With this program, we can also work with age recession, which is a process that allows the mind to tap into a time when similar emotions were being experienced and diffuse them. It is different from “age regression” in that the client does not actually seem to “time-travel,” but we access the age online, and sometimes trigger a flood of long-forgotten memories that are subconsciously causing problems in present time. This process eliminates the triggers that often seem to happen out of nowhere because our past can, and will, influence our present until the issues are addressed, resolved, and put to rest. Three-in-One Concepts provided additional essential tools that I could use to provide the best service I could for my clients to find true health. I define health as freedom on all body levels: mental, emotional and physical. We are total beings, and we cannot separate any one of those aspects from any of the others and find that freedom. As time went on, I was able to complete many of the programs that Three-In-One Concepts provides and have continued to utilize them to this day.