A relatively recent endeavor is the study of Thought Field Therapy created by Dr. Roger Callahan. I use this tool with my clients as an additional support for releasing emotional energy that is being held in the body and mind. Emotions are valuable as guideposts to help us determine if we are on the road to fulfillment and joy, or whether we are going another direction. Emotions offer us information, stimulate us to action, and can often either reward or punish us depending upon our perspective.

My goal as a health care facilitator is to help each client find more satisfaction, joy, and completeness as a person. This always involves the identification of the emotional patterns that are associated with their physical manifestations of imbalance. I have been working with the emotional connections to physical health challenges for as long as I have been in this field. Not until I added the Thought Field Therapy techniques, however, have I seen such rapid, deep, and noticeable results in both emotional release and reduction of physical problems. I completed the first diagnostic level of TFT and returned to California in January, 2008 for diagnostic level 2. This treatment is a gentle hands-on program which is done “diagnostically,” which means it is individualized for each client.

Thought Field Therapy has the capacity to deal very effectively with emotional issues (fear, anxiety, trauma, sadness, shame, rage, jealousy, guilt, grief, phobias), is especially effective with post traumatic stress syndrome, can identify and neutralize individual toxins, and is a very good adjunct to any therapeutic regimen for illness and pain.

In looking back over my lifetime, I see signs that I was really born to do this type of work. Between the holistic training I had in my youth from my father’s family, and the direction my own health was headed in the mainstream medical model, I don’t see how I could have chosen any other path. I am, and will always be, grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, the amazing experiences I have had working with people from every walk of life, and the insights I have received over these many years to help guide and direct my own life in a healthy way. I also hope with all my heart that I have been an example of “walking my talk.”

My intention is to expose myself to as many modalities and ideas as possible, and to be able to successfully pass them on to my clients for their benefit, as well as my own. I truly and completely believe in what I am doing and I intend to always be involved in the alternative health field.