It truly seemed at this point, that my personal life was about as happy and full as it could possibly be. My professional life was also quite rewarding, and continued to be on a growth curve as I began the study of another modality that employed muscle testing, or applied kinesiology. This program is called Contact Reflex Analysis. It employs some specific reflex points on the body, accompanied by a specific “flow chart” that identifies imbalances (emotional, mental and physical) on a more detailed and specific level than other applications I had been using. I became a certified practitioner of CRA in 1999 and continue to utilize this very effective program in my practice every day. I have found it to be invaluable in determining such problems as metabolic imbalances within the organs and body systems, chemical imbalances, structural contributing factors, allergy related problems, identification of pathogenic factors, and other very specific reflexes identifying such issues as blood pressure problems, TMJ, endometriosis, incontinent bladder, spinal disc syndrome, fluid retention, appendix problems, eye disorders, Meniere’s disease, kidney/gallstone formation, and a host of other concerns.

It was wonderful to see how easily and effectively this new approach integrated with the other methodologies and techniques in my work for the benefit of my clients. These various tools synchronized very nicely because where there may have been a deficiency in one area, others were now available to fill in the blanks or for deeper evaluation.

I received a fascinating and exciting e-mail one day from a web designer in Hawaii not long after I began utilizing CRA. He was building a website to analyze client questions relative to health problems, diseases, and potential solutions. This gentleman already had an amazing medical database, and was approaching health care providers from various backgrounds to determine interest in becoming reviewing practitioners on the website. This work involved a review of their extensive questionnaires, highlighted and sorted by priorities, and providing a personalized report for each client. These reports include but are not limited to identification of ailments, both acute and chronic, as well as ideas for addressing underlying causes, removing toxins, stimulating and balancing organ function, and suggestions for diet and nutritional support programs that may be beneficial. I was delighted to have been asked to participate, and I was also pleased to be able to accept.

I have been working with this outstanding service, for several years now. I have worked with clients from all over the world who have been able to benefit by having this amazing tool available. I have also developed personal clients desiring more personalized guidance or follow-ups after using this service. Many of these clients have also become friends, and we contact one another frequently to catch up on what is happening in our lives. This has been a very rewarding and sometimes challenging experience, and I have learned so much from it.