Around this time, I also began my study of homeopathy. I had used some homeopathic remedies with my children for colic, teething and temperament that had worked within minutes, and I was fascinated. I learned about the principles of homeopathy, and shortly became a charter member of the Homeopathic Study Group of Las Vegas, which was taught by a renowned Homeopath in Las Vegas. We all learned so much. We were given assignments each week, with hypothetical “patients” and their presenting symptoms, and were to return with the homeopathic remedy that best matched the presenting problems.

Again, I couldn’t get enough, so I enrolled in the British Institute for Homeopathy, a credentialed program. This program would furnish much more knowledge that I could begin to use for my family and clients. It was a fascinating course of study, and I became intimately familiar with polycrest remedies, as well as many less well-known or utilized remedies. I learned how to constitutionalize people, by taking into account their symptoms, likes and dislikes, patterns of behavior, physical tendencies and appearance, sleep, elimination, and mental patterns and many other qualifications which would then lead me to identify the homeopathic remedy that best suited each individual. This approach helps “balance” the individual where there are weaknesses in any area. It is an energetic support approach to the other work I was now doing with my clients, and proved to be invaluable in supporting the balance that each of us is always seeking.