We Love our Cats and Dogs!

I am neither a veterinarian nor an animal expert, but I do have a health care network that includes pets. I know that, just as with people, most cat and dog pain and suffering are caused by their food.

When you provide the right food, as well as raw bone, glandular, and food concentrate supplements, miracles happen. Animals crippled from the pain of arthritis get up and walk, and even start running again. Mangy, smelly fur and skin heal up. The bad smell disappears, and the coat shines again. Weeping ears and eyes clear up. Joints get strong and healthy. If the damage is not permanent, the heart, liver, kidneys, and thyroid normalize. In other words, with the right raw supplements, your sick dog or cat can regain the health and vitality they once had as a puppy or kitten!

Much of the nutritional support I offer my clients is from a wonderful company called Standard Process. The products are concentrated, organic, cold processed, and meet the requirements mentioned above for the type of nutritional support needed by our pets (and ourselves!). Standard Process carries a wonderful line of veterinary products, as well as some created for “people,” which are very useful in dealing with our pets’ nutritional needs.

The following study of the pet support supplements by Standard Process shows just how effective the right kind of nutrition can be for sick dogs and cats. Sixty-one dogs and 23 cats were evaluated for the typical dog and cat diseases. These were pet conditions that were resistant to standard treatment, cause untold suffering for millions of pets, and can really run up vet bills. Examinations and lab studies were performed by vets before and after the study. Based on the type of disease present, one or more raw supplements were used. The results were remarkable.

According to 95% of the cat owners and 95.7% of the dog owners, the protocols were highly beneficial. There were 0% adverse reactions in the dogs and 5% in the cats. It was easy to administer for 85% of the cat owners and 89.6% of the dog owners. The owners were highly satisfied with the majority continuing the protocols following the study.

The final evaluation after 5 months was the most important and done by both the vets and the animal owners. Nearly 98% of the cat owners and 95% of the vets felt that the problems were resolved. Around 94 percent of the dog owners and 93% of the vets felt that the problems were resolved. In the pet world, these results are startling. Although this study is impressive, these results are the norm.