I am so glad that in the process of researching my health challenges, I stumbled across this service. More than anything, it empowered me to make whatever adjustments I wish to impact on my future health. Thank you for your service. You are helping create a better world, where people take responsibility for their health and participate in improving it.

Jeanette C.

Diagnose-me.com client

I just want to say how grateful I am for helping me out. I feel I am finally getting the answers to my health problems. Thank you so much for your help. It’s well appreciated.

Jecintah K.

Diagnose-me.com client

I’ve been going to Michelle for health and wellness for 30 years. She has assisted me in health and life changes from physical pains to long held emotional stress to seeing my life differently, in a better way. I have better relationships with my children and other family members. I am grateful for her service.

Joan Reil

In-office client
I will like to thank Michelle for her love and passionate to help others heal. I went in 6 weeks ago with a really bad anxiety, migraines, dizziness, and crazy thoughts. My life was miserable. I had done pretty much everything and spend lots of money with no sense of feeling better. Michelle guide me and gave me supplements than within a week and half of taking them, I had no migraines, my crazy thoughts had minimized and no dizziness. Is been a truly blessing. I recommend Michelle. I wish I could gone with her sooner instead of suffering for 2 years. Now that I’m here with her treating, I won’t be leaving soon. Thank you so much Michelle for everything you do.

Brenda P.

Google Review

In February 2004, my cocker spaniel Tasha was diagnosed with a genetic eye disease, PRA. I was told by the end of the year she would be completely blind and there was nothing I could do. I started working with Dr. Michelle that spring. We are now 43 months out from the initial diagnosis and there has been little change in her vision since 2004 according to veterinary-ophthalmologist. I am very grateful to Dr. Michelle for the vision Tasha has left.

I, personally, have been a patient of Dr. Michelle’s for the last three years. Not only has she kept me balanced body, mind, and spirit: she has kept my other 4 dogs balanced too. Dr. Michelle has been able to treat issues when my Vet said the dogs were healthy and I knew otherwise.

Monique W.

In-office client, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you so much for your comprehensive evaluation. I’ve spent the past nine months with docs who say all my symptoms are expected from the natural process of getting older. I am only 48. I think sudden, dramatic change in the way we look and feel is alarming at any age, and usually indicates disease or disorder. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being supportive, for your follow-up care, and your oh-so human approach in your notes to me. I will recommend you to anyone frustrated by their health care, or who just wants to be more informed about their health. Actually, I already have. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Jana A.

Diagnose-me.com client, Virginia

Your information has been very helpful. You sure you don’t want to move back to Colorado and work your wonders? I have worked with alternative practitioners for at least 15 years and none seem to be so on the money and straightforward.

Dane T.

Diagnose-me.com client, Colorado

My family and I have been seeing Michelle Johnson for many years now. In that time, we have received excellent outcomes; some of which have included remedies and help for my son to break the cycle of his recurrent ear imbalances, and for me to have found relief from my “female” challenges. We have all benefited from having a health support professional who takes the time to listen, talk, and help us make informed decisions.

Janine C.

In-office client, Las Vegas, NV

I really do like your approach to my problems, and wish you were around here for me to see in person! I am recommending you to my friends.

J. Spiers

Diagnose-me.com client, California

Michelle Johnson has made such a positive impact on the physical and emotional health of myself and my family. It is incredibly comforting to know that there is an alternative, and complete way to approach and treat imbalances at their core instead of just symptoms. Her dedication to her mission in life is inspiring.

Kara S.

In-office client

Dr. Michelle combines the best of energetic and holistic approaches. Her knowledge and expertise in kinesiology testing is impressive. She has been my health support system since l996. I recommend Michelle Johnson to all of my family and friends. We love her because she takes good care of us.

Linda T.

In-office client, Las Vegas, NV

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michelle Johnson, whom I discovered through Diagnose-me.com. What a great service—exactly what I was looking for! I was able to select a female care-giver and reviewer, and she went well above my expectations in helping me through my concerns. I would highly recommend her!

Lisa B.

Diagnose-me.com client, California

My report was comprehensive and the suggestions have made a big difference in my health in only a few days… I have already recommended this site to several people.

Marie R.

Diagnose-me.com client, Maryland

I’m extraordinarily pleased with the quality of your report. I had not expected something even remotely as personal and helpful. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends and loved ones.

Matt K.

Diagnose-me.com client, British Columbia

The diagnosis that I did with Dr. Johnson and Diagnose-me.com helped my doctor to figure out what was wrong. The problem was the iron deficiency. Now I am able to think and remember clearly. God bless you for the rest of your life.

Mr. Erickson

Diagnose-me.com client, Nambia

It is so hard to find a doctor who would evaluate a patient in such in depth and holistic ways! I learned so much from your advice. Thank you so much again.

Mrs. A. G.

Diagnose-me.com client, British Columbia

I want to thank you for your extremely thorough diagnosis. I have been prescribed so many different medications, which I feel only mask the symptoms and do absolutely nothing to address the problem. I appreciate all your input and will follow all of your recommendations. Thank you SOOO much!

Mrs. Candice F.

Diagnose-me.com client, Florida

Thank you for the lengthy, detailed and informative report. I wish my regular (HMO) doctor could be half as thorough.

Mrs. A. M.

Diagnose-me.com client, New Jersey

Thank you for the detailed analysis that you gave me. I am taking your advice on getting help with my illeocecal valve syndrome. Thank you so much for telling me about that. No one has ever addressed that possibility. I nearly cried when I read about that. I have started an exercise program and am changing my diet. Thank you so much for your help.

Mrs. Gerri T.

Diagnose-me.com client, Colorado

I would like to mention that the report I received from you changed many aspects of my life, positively. It was the start of a better life for me and my family.

Mrs. H. K.

Diagnose-me.com client, United Arab Emirates

Thanks be to God. And I thank you again for all your help. In thanks I will say a prayer for you and your family. This means so much to me.

Mrs. J. Roggen

Diagnose-me.com client, Colorado

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your analysis. You have given me far more to work with than any of the other medical providers I have seen over the last 10 months. I will be working on all of the things you have suggested. I cannot thank you enough for all of the help and support you have given me!!!

Mrs. J.

Diagnose-me.com client, Pryor, FL

I really appreciate your advice and I think I feel better already! I was at a crash-point… I could barely function.

Mrs. P.

Diagnose-me.com client, Pratville, AL

I would like to thank you for your thoughtful assessment of my mother’s health. I really appreciate your time and talent. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom with such kindness. I wish you were in Chicago!

Mrs. R. K.

Diagnose-me.com client, Illinois

Seven months ago I had a problem with chronic hives. I had them every day all over my body for no apparent reason. At least once a month they were so severe I should have gone to the ER. Dr. Johnson, you told me I needed to make some changes in my life to include exercise and a better diet. You stressed the importance of doing a liver and gallbladder flush and detox. I made those minor changes, took some additional supplements, and I felt better than ever in less than two months. I am so grateful for your excellent service and my restored health!

Mrs. S. B.

Diagnose-me.com client, New Jersey

I am so happy to say that I am off the anti-depressants with your help. I have never felt better or had a clearer head. I enjoy my daughter, studies, workouts and life in general. Thank you so much for your services. It may very well have saved my life.

Mrs. V.S.

Diagnose-me.com client, Florida

Thank you so much for your detailed and illuminating analysis of my health. I have been saying for months that my fatigue and depression were related somehow to hormonal issues, stressed-out adrenals, and low thyroid function. Significant people (spouse, doctor, psychologist) have been saying that it was all in my head. I am delighted to find my fatigue lifting, and I have much more energy. Again, thank you for you all of your life-changing advice.

Mrs. S. K.

Diagnose-me.com client, Pennsylvania

I now know why I haven’t been feeling well, as “every little ache and pain” was given a reason for occurring. I am also well equipped now to deal with my problems with the proper changes in diet, exercise, and vitamin supplements. Thank you so much for this opportunity to have an in-depth consultation in the comfort of my home.

Ms. B.

Diagnose-me.com client, Jordan, TN

Thank you so much. I can tell you put a great deal of thought into this. It’s virtually impossible to find anyone who really listens, trusts what I say about how I feel, and weighs the evidence objectively. You verified that I might not actually be crazy to disagree with my previous (thyroid) blood work. Thank you for giving me some clues about what supplements will help. I really appreciate you and your service.

Ms. S.

Diagnose-me.com client, Colliberry, TX

Michelle has been helping myself, family and friends for the past 10 years. I cannot imagine not having her here with all the knowledge and caring she brings. If you have ever wondered if there is someone out there that could really help you get to the root of your problem and not just mask it, Michelle is your answer.
Thank you Michelle!

Suzanne A.

In-Office client, Las Vegas, NV