We invite current and potential patients to use the convenient form below to Ask the Doctor any questions you may have. If you wish Dr. Michelle to review a more detailed health and wellness questionnaire, please visit the Diagnose Me website and submit your background information using this tool.

Diagnose-me.com is a comprehensive online diagnostic resource that asks questions about:

  • your current health
  • health history
  • habits
  • familial health history
  • recent lab tests
  • other health-related issues

Dr. Johnson can personally review your questionnaire and make specific recommendations that will begin helping right away. Her additional suggestions will have long term benefit and may be a bit slower to manifest visible results.

If you wish to have Dr. Johnson review your report, please be sure to make that intention clear when signing up for the analysis. There is a choice of standard and full reviews, depending upon how much detail you desire. All clients automatically receive an in-depth analysis with active links and resources for more information. The benefit of doctor review is to personalize the recommendations and add additional suggestions specific to each case. Dr. Johnson is also available following your review for follow-up online or phone consultations.

If you have any questions regarding any of our treatment modalities, for example our stress management and healing therapy sessions, please feel free to contact us. If you have questions concerning Dr. Michelle Johnson’s experience as a Naturopathic doctor or credentials you can view her personal bio and credentials or contact us.