My education has continued throughout the years. I take as many opportunities as I can to attend seminars relating to specific topics of interest in my practice. My goal is to continue to learn and update targeted protocols for detoxification, nutrition, nutrient support programs, and other tools for wellness. I obtained a therapeutic massage bed that works with F.A.R. infrared therapy, which provides healing heat that permeates up to 4 inches into the body. It can also provide targeted infrared healing for specific areas of the body through the use of attachments and pads, in addition to the massaging jade heads.

Another tool I added to my arsenal is a Rife-like machine, which is also known as a frequency generator. It is different from some similar technology, because rather than programming frequencies for specific ailments into the unit, it contains a scanning mode that locates the frequencies in the body related to pathogenic problems, inflammatory conditions, and degenerative health challenges. The Rife technology was named after Royal Raymond Rife, who lived early in the 20th century. He discovered that there are frequencies generated by organisms that can invade the body, and that matching the frequency generated by each individual organism can successfully neutralize their ability to live in that environment. The body then eliminates them naturally. The technology was further fine-tuned after Rife’s time to identify frequencies for inflammatory conditions and those that can degenerate and debilitate the body. I often utilize the frequency generator and the massage bed together for a very supportive combination of therapies that work in conjunction with other programs used by my clients.

In the summer of 2006, I attended a valuable workshop on Sclerology, the study and application of the white portion of the eyes, the lines (and their characteristics), as well as their locations in the eyes. This technique can identify changes in all areas of the body within 3 days of their occurrence, which makes it very relevant to problems that are active and of priority. The lines have specific characteristics, including length, width, shape (straight, curved, intersecting, hooked, short, long, and many other features). They also occur in specific quadrants of the eyes which relate to organs and systems of the body. It is similar to reflexology, where the entire body is represented on the soles of the feet, the palms of the hand, or on the ear.

By understanding what the lines and placement of lines mean, I can use sclerology, in conjunction with the other applications I use clinically, in the evaluation and identification of health problems that are well-entrenched, or just beginning to manifest energetically. Sclerology is just one more tool that supports a return to health, either in the mental, physical or emotional realm.


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